Question: Write a program to find the frequency of Characters in a given String

Example: If the given String is: Vyom Labs Interview Preparation and we need to find the frequency of a in the string then the frequency of a will be 3.

Test case:
Input1: Tutorial Diary
Input 2: a
Output: The number of a in the Tutorial Diary string is 2

Solution: C program
// A c program based on string
//Important for Vyom labs Coding question for Vyom labs Interview Preparation
// A C program to find the Frequency of Characters
#include <stdio.h>

int main(void) {
char ch1[100], ch2;
int i, count=0;

printf("Enter your string \n");
printf("Enter the character which you want frequency of: \n");
scanf("%c", &ch2);

for(i=0;ch1[i]!='\0';++i) {

printf("The number of %c in the %s string is %d", ch2, ch1, count );

return 0;

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